A devastating rainstorm is sweeping the west coast of the United States

Heavy rain storms have been pounding the west coast of the United States since the weekend. About 350,000 households in the states of California, Oregon and Washington are without electricity. Roads have also been cut off due to floods and landslides.

There has been a severe crisis, especially in California. As stated in it San Francisco Chronicle It was the strongest storm in 26 years, and the second strongest since 1950. There has been a massive wildfire in the state this year. More than 700,000 hectares of natural reserves have been destroyed.

The soil cannot withstand much rainfall as it is clearly cut in the burnt areas. This leads to flooding and landslides, closing many highways. Emergency services are again evacuating residents from the burned areas.

Photo: A.P.

In San Francisco and the capital Sacramento, the streets were flooded and poles tilted. The strong wind blowing through the Golden Gate Bridge made a ghostly sound (see video above).

On Monday, it will move further south towards Los Angeles before it rains. More than 25 centimeters of rain is expected in Sierra Nevada on Monday.

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