A drop of water on an asteroid supports a theory about the origin of life on Earth | Sciences

A drop of water was found on an asteroid about 300 million km from Earth. This may not sound very special, but according to Japanese researchers, this is new evidence for a theory about the origin of life on Earth.

Scientists believe that water on Earth comes from space. It has been suggested, for example, that water could remain on our planet if an asteroid containing water collided with Earth. The first organic matter may have formed in that water.

According to lead researcher Tomoki Nakamura, this is the first time water has been found on an asteroid close to Earth. Which is why, according to him, “an important discovery.” according to Watchman More than 150 researchers are taking a closer look at the decline to increase the chance of discovering new findings.

The Japanese probe Hayabusa2 was launched in 2014 toward the asteroid Ryugu. Two years ago, Hayabusa2 came back with a cosmic grain. The probe had more than 5 grams of stones and dust and thus a drop of water on board.

According to Nakamura, it is “a carbonated water with salt and organic matter in it,” Watchman He. She. The lead researcher says the finding may be directly related to the composition of the world’s oceans and organic matter.

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