A family with two children decorates the Christmas tree with a poisonous snake among the branches | abroad

Rob and Marcella Wilde and their son (11) and daughter (6) had just finished the annual job when the head of the snake appeared among the branches. “At first we thought we saw a mouse, but later it turned out to be a snake!” said the perplexed Rob. While decorating the tree, the animal remained calm and went unnoticed.

The frightened residents soon decided to hire a snake expert, but he lived more than 60 kilometers from the farm where the snake snaked through the tree. Snake expert Jerry Hines, 49, has asked to leave the animal alone. “I urged them not to lose sight of the snake for a moment, because the animal can also hide elsewhere in the house. So you are away from home.” When Haines reached the tree about two hours later, he was surprised to find that it was a toxic and therefore life-threatening specimen. He managed to catch the animal and release it in a safe place.

Heyns – Made a video of the rescue and posted it on social media. The Daily Mail reported that the snake was believed to have been in the tree when it was brought home. The tree snake is one of the most venomous snakes found in the wild in South Africa. Tree snakes only attack when they feel threatened.

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