A fan of staying close? Then these British investigators also advise

past weeks stay soon It was a huge hit on Netflix. This series is exciting, inspired by a book by Harlan Coben and a must for people who love British detectives. So we have already written extensively on this topic in this article.

However, there are many such British detectives to be found. We have listed them for you.

11 British detectives

the stranger

the stranger It is just like stay soon It was conceived by Harlan Coben and has the same actor in the lead role with Richard Armitage. If you are stay soon Then this is really recommended.


also security It is a collaboration between Netflix and Harlan Coben. In 2018, a big deal was made to film 14 of his stories. security Starring himself with Michael C. Hall as Dexter

the fall

Likes stay soon He is the fall A series in which one goes in search of a serial killer. The series consists of 17 episodes spread over three seasons for you to enjoy for a while. With Belgian director Jacob Verbruggen, a Flemish touch has been added, too.


This story comes from Swedish screenwriter Hans Rosenfeld, known for the bridge† Also in this series, one searches for a serial killer. This time someone is active again after 11 years. The lead actress also received an Emmy in this category Best ActressWatch the trailer below.


Idris Elba is regularly mentioned as an option to succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond. to Luther He explains – as is often the case – why he has these qualities. In the 2010 series, we follow a detective with a turbulent personal life who is fully dedicated to his work. Below you can see a trailer made by a fan.

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This chain is from Wales and was made with a small budget of £4.2 million. Wales is an area that doesn’t always get enough attention in the UK. This series had to change that and it worked because Outback Positively. Watch the trailer below.


Broadchurch It is located on the coast of Dorset. There was an 11-year-old boy whose life had been taken from him. The series can be watched in the Netherlands via Netflix, but it also aired on RTL 4 a few years ago, maybe you recognize it from that?

Criminal: United Kingdom

Criminal: United Kingdom Nice series with good dialogues. The series was critically acclaimed and seven episodes have now been released. A must for fans of psychological games.


It’s been clear for years that J.K. Rowling is good at making up stories. A series based on her detective novels written under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith can only be top notch. Especially if it was also produced by the BBC. Watch the trailer below.


side Wakes up Netflixbut was initially a BBC Two series that aired in 2018. Want to fill a long evening with a series and then finish? side It is ideal because it consists of only four episodes of 60 minutes each. The plot becomes clear in the trailer below:

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