A fan of The Crown and Bridgerton? Netflix brings a new royal drama

Still waiting for new seasons the crown On Bridgeton, but right now we already have the next Netflix drama in our eyes.



Soon shooting a new royal drama series that we don’t want to miss: Empress. looks new Must see For anyone who has also enjoyed intrigue, style and fashion in the crown On Bridgeton. And also for anyone used to fainting from the iconic role of Romy Schneider, because Empress Sissy returns to our TV screens with this series.

Elizabeth of Austria

Empress Examines the eventful life of “Sissi” – Elizabeth of Austria, the longest-serving Empress the country has ever known. We already know a dramatic version of her life story from the well-known 1950s movie trilogy, but Netflix gives it a modern twist.

“Elizabeth is portrayed as a young woman ahead of her era, resisting the strict rules of the nineteenth century and the court. She meets Franz, the emperor and king who has played such a large role in shaping modern European history,” Service reveals the series.

Against the backdrop of jealousy, intrigue, power struggles behind the scenes of the Habsburg court, and the increasing demand for freedom of the people, the viewer is taken to a beautiful fantasy world where the young woman Sisi must fight for her place in the court. Not to be just the figurehead of a fading empire.”

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In short, all the components of a large part of the royal drama appear. We’re ready for it, but it’s not yet known when the first six episodes of Empress appearing on Netflix. We will watch it!


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