A fan of the Dutch national team spreads quickly after the goal of the world Yarmolenko

A moment many football fans may have missed is currently spreading on social media. It’s an excerpt from the Netherlands-Ukraine match, with a Dutch and Ukrainian fan in the main role.

The Netherlands led comfortably 2-0 during their opening match in the European Championship. However, it was not comfortable. Within a few minutes, the Ukrainians made the score 2-2. The first goal, however, was not to argue with him.

Yarmolenko’s goal

Captain Andrey Yarmolenko came from the right wing, gave plenty of space, and put the ball into the corner from a distance, out of reach of the orange goalkeeper Martin Stecklenburg.

The goal of the world can be appreciated by many, including the Dutch fans. This was evident from the reaction of one of the fans in the stadium. A Ukrainian player cheering and jumping in the stands is caught right after the goal. He doesn’t care that he’s wasting some beer.

Brotherhood gesture

The yellow man is surrounded by orange fans, but one of the Dutch is an athlete. He walks up to the Ukrainian fan, thumbs up and then shakes his hand, complimenting and congratulating his captain on his captain’s goal. Dutch prolific man hugs.

This fraternal gesture was missed by many who were either disappointed with the goal or left behind in utter amazement. But the internet is enjoying it now. “It’s the highlight of my starring so far,” says American writer and voice actor Scott Innes.

Dutch fans

The cheerleader gesture has also been praised on several major football and sports platforms. And on Twitter people are singing. “Little gesture. Big gesture. Touching,” Lucy calls it. The Polish football fan is respected. “In events like this, the ball should connect, not split. And how nice to see happy fans in the stadium again!”

For many, the Dutchman is an example. “We should all learn to live like this,” Melvin says. Most of all, it sounds like “this is how football should be”. It may also be because of the beautiful Yarmolenko ice. One Ukrainian notes that “his masterpiece was appreciated by Dutch fans.”

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