A farmer in Nuenen discovers care: popular daytime activities as an alternative after a farm business halt | Geldrop Meirloo, Nuenen

NUENEN – Nuenen farmers who have quit, surprisingly, often consider introducing daytime activities within the care sector on their lands. Requests for this are received by the municipality “regularly”. Also popular: New farm houses.

This is evidenced by the information that Nuenen Municipality has included at the request of the Municipal Council. From the agrarian community, but also from politics, the question often arises of what future farmers still have in Nuenen. With no successors and increasingly stringent environmental requirements, many growers will call it quitting in the coming years.

Nuenen now has 49 farms, but both ZLTO and the municipality expect this number to drop sharply in the coming years. This means that a lot of land and buildings have been liberated. A new destination must be found for this, to prevent the countryside from becoming unmanaged.

Daytime activities seem to be a popular choice to fill up on empty stables. Meanwhile, “concrete requests” have been received at City Hall, which will soon be converted into permits. Daytime activities are a relatively simple way to transform agricultural management.

‘Increased demand for homes and small homes’

Also popular: Building new homes in a farm yard, via what’s called a room space plan. “We are seeing an increase in requests for space housing, the division of farms and the demand for smaller homes,” the municipality reports.

And she welcomes this as there is a shortage of housing. Strict rules apply here. For example, new homes should not be out of harmony with the existing environment. Also, it is not possible to build a larger surface area than that covered by a yard, because “urbanization” in green suburbs is not desirable.

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The ZLTO recently urged the municipality to engage farmers in rural development in the coming years. Alderman Caroline Van Brackel said she would be happy to do so, but also indicated limited options.

Sun meadows are not allowed at this time

In addition to the options mentioned above, farmers cannot do more than sell their lands to new farms or nature managers, or convert their lands to nature themselves. Ranchers in particular are required to rent their pastures for solar panels, but this is not yet possible, as this is not permitted (yet) in the countryside.

The municipality is working on a map to indicate places for this, but ZLTO is asking Nuenen to be careful about it. It prefers to preserve the countryside for agricultural or other purposes of nature, in order to preserve the peaceful green character of Nuenen.

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