A fine of 8,000! Jim Covid-19 violates guidelines

A fine of 8,000!  Jim Covid-19 violates guidelines
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An MMA gym in Auckland, New Zealand has been fined € 8,000 for violating the country’s strict vaccination obligations.

Oliver MMA, a martial arts school run by Steve and Chrissy Oliver, has recently violated ordinances requiring companies, including gyms, to ensure that they are vaccinated against Govt-19.

Oliver simply allowed unvaccinated staff to come to the gym and work and teach. Despite the hefty fines, Oliver said NZ Herald His team was determined to stay open. For the purpose of assisting non-vaccinated participants experiencing “serious mental health problems”.

Security first

“We care about them and we’re taking extra steps to help them get the right support and be there for them … We do everything we can to keep everyone here happy and safe,” Oliver said.

In our country, gyms are now closed due to the recent lockdown. More than 100 gym owners are now coming together and threatening with abbreviated measures and qualifications measures to make sports essential. The initiative is backed by well-known kickboxers Alastair Overreem, Ernesto Houst, Peter Erds and Chem Shield.

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