A follower reveals Eddie Zoe’s mystery package of € 73,000 | entertainment

With the help of many viewers, find out now more about what is going on. This way the provider knows that the amount is related to the import costs that you have to pay for a package from abroad.

One of his followers, whom the broadcaster calls “Ernst,” thought with Eddie about the case and made an intelligent discovery. After a lot of round trips at different rates, Ernst calculated that Eddie would have to pay about $ 342 for his package and import costs, but the statement said $ 342,324. The theory goes: “Someone wanted to adjust $ 342 for the daily rate, which was $ 324”. So it is possible that a management error occurred here: instead of adjusting the three-digit amount, only three digits were added. Some other accounts in yen, dollars and euros. Later, Ernst was able to convert the six-digit sum into what Eddie would have to pay in euros to get his watch radio back home.

After all this messing around with various currencies, the musician didn’t even have his clock radio yet. After a postNL phone call, it turns out his expulsion was already on his way to Schiphol to bring him back to Japan. We’re now quickly trying to pull off the package, so Eddie can show off his purchases to Ernst and his followers in a later video. “Maybe the red code helped me a little bit now and the package is still in the Netherlands,” says Eddie.

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