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He used to be a minister in Afghanistan, and now he delivers meals by bike. Seyed Sadat (49 years old) did this in Leipzig for Lieferando, Thuisbezorgd.nl in Germany. The former Afghan minister settled in the country in December, hoping for a better future.

In his homeland, Souad served as Minister of Communications and Technology for two years, but left in 2018 after disagreements with people close to President Ashraf Ghani.

There was some disdain from his homeland for taking up the delivery job. After all, he was a minister. But for Sadat, a job is a job. “I don’t have to feel guilty about anything and I hope other politicians will follow the same path as me and work with people and not hide.”

Sadat left long before the fall of the Afghan government and the rapid rise of the Taliban. Now there is great chaos in his homeland, and his family and friends, like thousands of others, have tried to get out of Afghanistan.

As the ex-minister also has a British passport, he can also apply for accommodation in the UK. He has lived there for a long time. However, Sadat chose Germany before Brexit made that impossible, because he believed he could find a better future in the IT sector. The Associated Press reported that the number of Afghan asylum seekers applying for asylum in Germany has risen by 130 percent since the beginning of this year.

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Language is important

But even with his education and background in the sector, management experience and knowledge of English, Sadat has not yet succeeded in working in the German IT field. His German is still very limited. And the language is the most important part.

Now he has four hours of German lessons every day and then works six hours in the evening. This summer he started his delivery job. “The early days were exciting and challenging,” he says, among other things, learning to ride bikes in a crowded city. “But the more I did it, and the more people I met, the more I learned.”

After the Associated Press spoke with Sadat, his story was acquired by several media outlets. Sedat’s words also reached Jitsi Grun’s ears. “We are proud that he works for us and hope to offer him a job in our communications or technology division in the future. If he wants to take it,” the founder and CEO of Just Eat Takeaway, the company behind Thuisbezorgd.nl, tweeted earlier today.


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