A four-year-old supermarket in Questern has already been renovated due to lack of space | Lower Betuwe

The Plus supermarket in Kesteren, which is just over four years old, will be renovated next year. The store has to be expanded because there is not enough space.

Brothers Opheusdende André and Johan van de Pol learned in 2018 that they were moving into a relatively small retail property that had just been completed. , but it had to be done at the time, because waiting to get more square meters took longer again”, says Johann van de Poel.

“ridiculously small”

After all, the store also had to leave the old site, which is 200 meters away. “An 850 sq m retail supermarket was built at the time. That is ridiculously small for a new store, because 1200 sq m is the minimum these days.” The brothers once got their start in the supermarket world with a small business in Valborg.


It’s too tight on the cash registers now

Johan van de Poel, plus Kestern

The municipality of Neder-Betuwe is now ready to cooperate in expanding the complex in the back, even with eight apartments above it. In addition, a neighboring plot of land was purchased. Van de Paul: “This way we can move about 1,400 square meters of retail space.”

supermarket only

This creates a full-fledged supermarket, which is also necessary for Kesteren: it is the only supermarket in the village, which has also grown significantly in recent years and will also see an increase in population in the coming years.

According to Van de Pol, a bigger store will soon mean a wider range and more walking space for consumers. “It’s very tight on the cash registers now.”

He hopes to expand next year. The brothers do not own the complex. Thus, the landlord pays for the renovation, but also receives rental income from the new apartments.

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