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“Ghost Gang” eventually managed to plunder about 30 million euros worth of valuables. Because they did not leave any DNA or fingerprints anywhere, they were called the “ghost gang”. Investigators have combed literally thousands of taxis for a criminal trace that could lead to the perpetrators. finally successfully. This is how Sky News describes.

Three members of the gang, including the wealthy daughter Tamara of former Formula 1 president Bernie Ecclestone and former football player Frank Lampard, should go to prison, but this does not mean that the victims have recovered their belongings. Most of the loot consisting of diamonds, jewelry and cash is still missing. As well as a fourth member of the gang, responsible for the largest series of home burglaries in British history.


In addition to Tamara Ecclestone and Paul Lampard, the deceased owner of Leicester City Football Club, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, was also raided. It happened in the weeks leading up to Christmas in 2019. Lampard and his wife Christine were stolen just under €70,000 in watches and jewellery, and the damage to Srivaddhanaprabha’s family is said to have exceeded €1m, half of which is in cash. ..

Two of the gang members could have crashed into the lamp because they were wearing stolen jewelry. Maria Meester, 48, is said to have been caught with a necklace from the Tamara Ecclestone collection, and her son, Emil Bogdan Savaastro, 30, was wearing a Srivaddhanaprabha watch.

With each intrusion, the gang managed to bypass security systems, stay out of sight of cameras and even evade human guards. Hardly any clues were left as the thieves again disappeared into the night. Thieves took it. A lot of money was spent in, for example, Harrods and expensive restaurants. The remainder of the loot was transported to mainland Europe.

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Investigators chased three gang members across Europe, and Italian authorities eventually found and turned them over. Yugoslav Jovanovic (24), Alessandro Maltese (45) and Alessandro Donati (44) pleaded guilty. Yovanovitch got 11, the Maltese and Donati became a little more merciful, and they were sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison.

They were eventually caught thanks to old police action. The three left almost no trace. In a few disposable cell phones and some screwdrivers, nothing was found that could lead the police to the culprits. The only clue: the men left one of the stolen homes in a taxi, but the taxi’s registration number is unknown. Thousands of taxi drivers had to be consulted, and this eventually yielded clues. Thanks to the driver’s information and some surveillance cameras, a lane was created.

Police said it was a soft trail, as the gang members were careful, traveling separately, staying in the shade and wearing hats. However, their alleged inviolability did not exist, and when they were finally caught, the thieves expressed admiration for the perseverance of the investigators. “They were really impressed that we found them.”

What they did in England, the thieves were plotting elsewhere in Europe as well. More squatting was on the agenda. And there will be a fourth thief: Serbian Ljubomir Romanov (40). Still on the run. He is said to be in Belgrade, but the Serbian authorities did not extradite him. Romanov uses several names, such as Daniel Vukovich, Alfredo Lindley and Lyubomir Radosavlevich.

However, even the discovery of the Romanovs would not be the end of the investigation. Because millions of loot are still missing.

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