A grave digger abuses a backward woman in the cemetery

A grave digger abuses a backward woman in the cemetery

Suriname police have arrested a 33-year-old grave digger after he mistreated a mentally retarded woman who came to lay flowers on her grandfather’s grave. The Suriname Police Corps has just announced this.

The 26-year-old RV plaintiff filed a complaint at the police station against the LE suspect on Tuesday, 2 March. According to her testimony, she went to a cemetery on Monday, March 1, to put a flower arrangement on a grave. Find her. While searching for the grave, two gravediggers approached her, then escorted her to the administrative office. After the settlement in the administrative office, she was directed by the gravediggers.

At one point, the young woman was alone with LE grave digger who would give her the clue. At the height of a hill in the cemetery, the man asked her some intimate questions, then held her hand. Then Lee opened his pants and placed the reporter’s hand on his genitals. Out of panic, the young woman did not know what to do at the time, so the suspect took advantage of the situation and the young woman touched her breasts and genitals.

Fortunately, his actions were prevented by the administrative office employee. The victim managed to escape on the occasion, grabbed her bike and sped home. She told her mother what had happened to her and the next day she filed a report with the police. The LE suspect was summoned by the center resort police on Friday 12th March and arrested on charges of sexual assault.

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At trial, LE initially denied committing the crime. When the police confronted him with the fact that the young woman stated that he had a tumor on his genitals, he confessed to the offense.

After consulting with the Suriname Prosecutor’s Office, Lee was placed in detention grave digger Police reports.

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