A life-saving transplant of an Australian boy (6) has been delayed after donor cells were “forgotten” at the airport

An Australian mother has expressed her displeasure on Facebook after the donor cells of her son’s life-saving transplant were “forgotten” on the tarmac at a US airport. “Angry and angry. Totally unacceptable.”

Six-year-old Mateo suffers from chronic granulomatous disease and has already received nine experimental treatments in the past year. But so far it hasn’t worked. This is why stem cell transplantation is initiated. After a search of three and a half years, a suitable donor was found for the boy in the United States. An operation was scheduled for this week, but things went wrong during the transfer.

The donor cells were forgotten on the tarmac at the US airport and so did not make it to the plane to Australia. Mother Shalin wrote in Facebook group Dedicated to her son’s illness.

“Unfortunately, they ‘forgot’ to put the donor cells from America on the courier plane to Australia, so eventually they have to be sent back to where they were harvested to add more dry ice and stored. We don’t know when they will arrive in Australia. We don’t yet have a date for the transplant. “.

The donor’s cells eventually made it to a plane, she said later, but it was not yet clear when the transplant should take place. This is not acceptable and needs further investigation. “Someone has to be held accountable,” she wrote. “This is our last option. Mateo is not getting better, let him be clear.” (sgg)

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