A Local Councilor’s Proposal: Continuation of the Hispohalplan Scheme without general practitioners. ‘The gap cannot be closed’ | Tilburg and surroundings

Hilvarenbeek – The general practitioners of two practices in Hilvarenbeek are extremely disappointed. There will be no place for a new health center in the former Hispohal site. “The gap cannot be closed,” says councilor Leon van de Mossdick.

What’s for sure anyway: The homes are being built on a now vacant plot of land on JF Kennedylaan. For how much and what kind of homes you are concerned with, no decision has yet been made. In any case, GPs hope that there will also be a place for the health center. After a four-month investigation, Van de Mossdick now says: It doesn’t fit the city council’s requirements.

Dorky de Vries, on behalf of the group of physicians who want to build a health center together on Wednesday evening at the Spatial Planning Commission, said this message came “completely out of thin air”. “The proposal was rejected without any valid evidence. This is an unfair feeling and damages trust in the municipality.”

‘Not financially feasible? This was already known. ”

One of the reasons is that it will not be financially viable, added Jeroen de Wild of Build by the Wildt, a company that specializes in building health centers. But this was known for a long time. There is also a parking issue while we are still looking for the number of treatment rooms. ”

The first calculations are based on 42 treatment rooms, including 92 parking spaces. This is all the space that cannot be used for construction. It makes the plan more expensive. General practitioners would like to discuss alternatives and the committee wanted to know from Van de Moosdijk whether this was not possible after all.

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But the gap between what the council has submitted in terms of requirements is too big to bridge

Alderman Lyon Van de Mossdick

“Your board has established this parking standard in policy. We hold every project developer on it. Otherwise, mess is totally normal,” Van de Mossdick replied. Here and there, of course, we can talk about the circumstances. ”But the gap is very large between what the board has provided in terms of requirements, which cannot be closed. Cut off. Green and abandon the financial framework as well. If we saw the opportunities, we would have really contributed.” He immediately agreed that the municipality would like to consider alternatives.

A secret section was suspended at the committee meeting. At that meeting, the board members were informed of the financial numbers belonging to the various plans. The site has an area of ​​about seven thousand square meters and has been purchased about 2.2 million square meters. Without shouting, a board member can say that there will definitely be no profit. Whatever the plan becomes. “It’s like a loss or a lot of loss.”

The city council will make a decision on Hispohal’s location on March 25th.

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