A look inside Suus: “We won’t leave this beautiful neighborhood anymore”

Feel at home in IJsselstein. Every week this becomes clear from the stories of our townspeople. Suus saved space in her home last year by moving her home salon to the city center. The room that became available has yet to be claimed. “We are happy with the space that has become available.”

Our appointment had been on for some time, but was rescheduled when barbershops reopened. “It was really, really crowded in those first weeks,” Suus says in the spacious living room. “It is now starting to feel like normal again.” She lives with her husband and two daughters in an extended home in Achterfield. There is a pedestrian walkway in front of the house and next to it is a pit. It’s quiet, just like at home. “I’m the totally neat type, even though you shouldn’t be looking behind the doors!”

Sea of ​​space

She has lived in IJsselstein since she was thirteen years old, her husband is here. Together they bought a house in Achterveld, which was fine in its own right, but not very spacious. “The living room was much smaller and the garden was more volume. We wanted more space for the children. Our eldest daughter was already born at that time. We preferred to stay in the neighborhood, because it’s so cute here.” In 2008 they visited their current home.

It was immediately sold out. “The living room was really expanded and we knew immediately this had to be our new home.” The fact that the garden is beautiful and sunny was a wonderful bonus. “We like to sit there. In the summer we hang a hammock on it. Our girls can lie in it for hours.”

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Time for something different

She has to think about her inner style for a moment. We decided to call it the modern countryside. Over the years, Suus hasn’t moved much with the furniture, even though her husband still has in mind that the room might suddenly look different. “I’ve changed little things for a long time, like accessories. But now we’re going to make big changes. Our new bank is coming soon a nice big one so everyone can stick to it. It should be comfortable though! We’ll also replace the window coverings in the kitchen and the stove will stop turning. It was.” There is already when we bought the house. ”

The biggest change was in one of the bedrooms last year. For ten years, Suus has had a hair salon at home. At the beginning of 2020, I rented a space in the city center.

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Peace at home by the city living room

Then everything shut down. It wasn’t, to say the least, fun. But I’m lucky enough to share the space with a nail technician and masseur. This way we are able to absorb the costs together. We cleaned the old drawing room, the room in the house, and put a sofa bed in it after painting the walls. I was expecting one of my daughters to move from the attic to that room, but the sisters don’t really know what they want yet. It is now a beautiful laundry room. ”

Despite the concerns of a closed salon, Sous is happy with her choice. “I’m really going to work now. When I get home, I feel like I’m really home. It gives more peace of mind and because I share the building in the city center, I suddenly have colleagues. Very comfortable.”

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‘I’ll be a person in the house’

She takes inspiration for her home from magazines and Pinterest. Her favorite furniture stores are Intratuin, Kwantum, and HEMA. “I always really liked the Zusss things.” She loves to work around the house and make it comfortable. “I am still becoming a real house bird!”

She doesn’t see herself leaving this house anytime soon. “We thought about it, but now that we have a new room and take over the living room soon, I’m glad we’re staying. We fell for the space in the living room. I still enjoy it every day. I also don’t think I would find a place like that, in this Quiet Street. Achterveld is simply the prettiest neighborhood if you ask me. “

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Favorite place

Suus’ favorite place is the park. “Last year we bought a new park bench and since then we spend more time there. So I’m very happy the weather is getting better. When the sun rises, I sit there every day. With a cup of coffee and at the end of the day with a drink. Comfort comes from two rabbits of girls. I recently asked her eldest if she should take her bunny with her when she goes to live alone. Sure, I’ve finished asking if someone wants to change that loft!

Property of the week

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