A look inside Zwolle’s Dors family: “The Pink Room is a Favorite”

The Durs family home in Zwolle-Zuid had been largely renovated when they came to live there. Aside from a little bit of paint, the family didn’t have to change much. Yet they made it their own place. “We love black and white with natural and vintage tones. Put me in thrift store and I can be sweet for hours. It’s so cool to surf and make the best of luck.”

Marisa and her husband Melvin have lived with their three children, Milia (7), Mason (3), and Maeve (2) since January 2019 in a “ big house for people, ” as they call it themselves. Compared to their previous two-room apartment, the family thinks their new home is a huge improvement. “It’s a beautiful spot in Zwolle-South where we hope to enjoy it for a long time to come.”

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The Dors Zwolle family
The Dorse family. picture: in Riyadh

Air conditioning in the house

The former residents had already repaired a lot, which was a feature for the family. “The house really has a big kitchen, the walls are covered with plaster and the floor is cobbled.” “The cobblestone floor is perfect if you have to clean it and have children.” There is also air conditioning in the house. “This is a little less beautiful, but what did we gain from it,” Marisa says. .

The same family also did a few things to make the house to their liking. In the attic, a plasterboard wall was placed next to the bedroom to provide additional storage space. “As a result, we still have a spacious bedroom, but also enough space to store a Christmas tree,” says Marisa jokingly. “In addition, we painted everything up and downstairs in our taste color. We also replaced all kitchen handles and doors.”

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Striking in Dorse’s house

From the kitchen to the living room. Primary colors for this space are black and white with a hint of gray and beige. The living room also houses an attractive setting for the Dorse home: the dining table. “This is our favorite place, especially Sundays. We have an extensive breakfast, drink coffee and play with the kids.” Customer review was automatically translated from Dutch.

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Each room has its own color

Just like the living room, every bedroom has its own color. “We used a lot of wood and straw to make it into one unit.”

Favorite room in the house? Surely this is the pink room for their eldest daughter, Melia. “ Color, space and atmosphere. I love thatMarisa, who also regularly shares the snaps on their Instagram account, says Dors hut.

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Wish list

Since the family lives in a rental home, they don’t have massive renovation plans. They still want to revamp the front and back lawn. “We want a garden gate in the front. We also want a canopy in the back so we can sit comfortably under it in the summer.” Bathroom renovation is also high on the list. “We’d like to have new bathroom furniture and a walk-in shower, but everything is in good time.”

One day they hope to buy a house. “When we get older later,” says Marisa jokingly. In any case, the new house will have to contain a larger living room. There is also an additional space for the games room. “At the moment we are completely here at home and enjoying our home a lot.”

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