A man finds a mysterious envelope containing 20,000 euros in his car Instagram

She drove the German car Uwe Chischowitz without her knowledge for four years in an old Renault 5 with more than 20 thousand euros under the filling. Take it to the police, who track down the rightful owner.

Includes 5,000 € in cash and a savings account with a balance over 17,000 €. The man discovered the money by chance due to recent winter conditions. He bought a collapsible shovel in case he gets stuck in the snow and puts it behind his front seat. After it snowed, he got the bulldozer out of his car. The man spotted its contents wrapped when he grabbed the rug of his chair.

Fair researcher

Turns out, the 50-year-old from Kassel was a sincere discoverer. He did not hesitate for a moment and informed the police in charge of determining the rightful owner. That seemed simple, because the name and address of the presumed owner were on the envelope. But it turns out that the man has moved to Hedekris, a small village between Hanover and Hamburg. When the police finally reached the 69-year-old on the phone, he couldn’t believe his money had reappeared. He lost it for five years, but he had no idea where it had gone.

What turns out? Uwe Chechowitz bought the old Renault 5 Campus in 2017 for 1,200 euros from a car dealer in Göttingen. The previous owner was the 69-year-old from Heidekreis. When he moved in 2016, he had sold a number of cars that were in his cabin. One of these was a Renault 5. Since people test drives every day, he likely quickly put money behind the front seat in the crowd and then forgot about it later. For the honest researcher, his exemplary behavior paid off: Uwe Chechowitz received a finder’s fee of 2,210 euros. While in Germany, he was legally entitled to only € 160.

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