A man wins a million dollar jackpot for the second time in four years | abroad

Winning a million dollars with an official lottery ticket is already very extraordinary, but to experience that luck again after four years is absolutely extraordinary. However, it happened to Stephen Tutu in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Last month, while checking out at a gas station in Framingham, near Boston, Toto also asked the cashier for a $30 Massachusetts lottery ticket.

She brought him at least 1 million dollars in 2017 (more than 842 thousand euros). It was a wonderful surprise when it turned out once again that he had received a winning ticket.

Toto chose the option of paying the sum of $1 million in one go and after taxes, he had $650,000 left (about 550 thousand euros). The gas station that sold the charge card will receive a $10,000 reward, MassLottery.com reports.

Toto isn’t even the only Massachusetts resident to recently win the lottery for the second time. According to the Massachusetts Lottery, Michael Rocca of Pittsfield also won $1 million in 2000 and again in May 2021.

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