A massive victory for DZOH, Noordscheschut crashed at home

FOOTBALL – DZOH boss Mark van Meel may have thought the result was a bit ‘cool’, but he saw his side defeat VV Heerenveeen 6-1 at home. Noordscheschut, Drenthe’s other club in Division One E, lost 1-2 at home against Quick’20 from Oldenzaal. DZOH is now one point behind Schutters (18th to 19th) in the standings.

“It wasn’t easy,” Van Meel said after winning Space. “We knew we were up against a team that could play good football, but was therefore weak with space at the back.” DZOH managed to take full advantage of VV Heerenveen’s weaknesses.

Twenty minutes later, Emmenaren’s Emmenaren put Emmenaren ahead with a corner kick and the teams also went into half-time 1-0 up. Shortly after the break, Max Heinen doubled the home team’s lead, but they couldn’t enjoy this for long. Two minutes later, Bram Duiker scored the connection goal for the Frisians.

With ten minutes left on the clock it was 2-1 for DZOH, but from that moment on the goal machine kicked in, thanks in part to the powerful substitute Fred Bougaleb. In the 81st minute, he kept an eye on and served Bjorn Jansen, who was able to make it 3-1.

In the final stage, three more strokes were added, mainly due to the smooth counters from the Hoogeveners. The score was 4-1 as former FC Emmen player Anko Janssen, Bougaleb used a penalty he had recommended himself and Dylan van der Scheer, the sixth different scorer, put the final score at 6-1.

“We started really well and tried to apply as much pressure as we could,” Zandink says. The visitors from Oldenzaal didn’t get into the game properly so the Noordscheschut 1-0 after seven minutes was justified. Mis Foss delivered a narrow cross, and the Quick’20 defender even chipped the ball past his own goalkeeper.

However, the gunners saw their opponents come to their side at a minute’s notice. Due to a wide, sloppy pass in midfield, Quick’20 quickly made the save. Putting Jeb Kimna 1-1 on the scoreboard. “It also looks like we’re going into half-time tied at 1-1,” Zandink believes. But just before the break, Kimna hit again and this time too it was preceded by a sloppy pass in midfield, 1-2.

In the second half, the Noordscheschut were superior and the visitors hadn’t come from their own half. The ball did not want to enter the home team. Mis Foss was a toe-length from the cross and the referee also didn’t see Nick Koster knocked out in the box. As a result, the Shooters lost 2-1 for the second week in a row.

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