A Naked Attraction participant sent away: “Very Excited”

Nudist candidates fly in your head Naked attraction. Spectators at home are naturally nice and sheltered to watch how participants choose each other based on unworn objects, but in the studio things are different. For example, the production considers the “ideal temperature” for the candidates. “Guys always want it to be warm in the studio and mess with their private parts so they look their best when they come into the picture,” said presenter Anna. Andy Jay Podcast.

“Men mess up a lot beforehand. Ladies want it cooler, so their breasts look better,” Anna continues. On display, the filters are in a type of capsule. Her door continues to rise a little, each time revealing a bare body part. But sometimes the stress becomes too much for men. “A few seasons ago we had to send a guy away,” presenter Anna jokes.

“He was a bit excited about what was about to happen,” Anna explains. “It all happens. Men are men. You cannot control your body, can you?” Additionally, she believes it is unfair Naked attraction It’s only seen as a show about “Boobs and Balls,” although she admits it’s a big part of the show. One thing she asks out loud: “Where has all the pubic hair gone?”

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