A new field for sports cooperation in Middelburg

MIDDELBURG – After a successful year with great collaboration and great practice moments, a new budget is available from the local sports convention. This is because an additional €67,700 has been saved to be split between promising initiatives. You can submit this from November 1 to December 1, 2021 at the platform doemee.middelburgers.nl. Do this with a number of collaboration partners.

Do you have a good idea to make Middelburgers (more) to exercise and exercise? Or to encourage Middelburgers to adopt a healthy lifestyle? The municipality of Middleburg would like to hear from you! It primarily challenges (sports) associations, schools, sports providers, general practitioners, and exercise initiatives. By working together, you can do more for Middleburg and its residents.

local sports agreement
The Sports Convention is the Middleburg interpretation of the National Convention and the Zeeland Sports Convention. At the Local Sports Convention you’ll find six themes: including sport and exercise, sustainable sports infrastructure, dynamic sports and exercise providers, positive sports culture, skill in exercise, and inspiring sporting events. In the past year, the municipality was able to support more than 15 initiatives to increase the activity of the Middleburger family together.

What requirements should your idea meet?
Ideas and initiatives eligible for budgeting from the Sports Convention should be, as far as possible: promoting sports and/or playing sports; promoting a healthy lifestyle; It is carried out by at least two local partners in cooperation; Aimed at residents of Middelburg municipality; be low-threshold and accessible to all; Be innovative and futuristic; responding to needs; It has clear and achievable goals (which are also measurable) and is not dedicated to purchasing materials.

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Using these budgets, we hope to bring our residents closer together, but above all to move them! So turn your idea into a new initiative and submit it via doemee.middelburgers.nl and then go to your local Middelburg sports convention.

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