A new green vision for Amstelveen is in the making

Floor Gordon (D66) gives Alderman for Green Management the go-ahead to write a Green Vision for Alderman. Green makes Amstelveen an attractive city. Pressure on green spaces is increasing and challenges such as climate change and the changing needs of the population require a new vision of greenery and water.

The basic building block of an environmental vision. local council member Fleur Gordon: “The pressure on space is increasing: urban renewal, urbanization, new roads, climate change with absorption of heavy rains, heat and energy transmission requires space. How do we maintain and enhance the quality of our green spaces and water, make good choices and ensure increased biodiversity? We want to record that in A vision that can serve as a building block for an environmental vision.

(Photo by Amstelveen Municipality – 2022)

Floor Gordon (D66) green management alderman, along with heme park staff at heme park De Braak, give the go-ahead to write Amstelveen’s new green vision

green value. The main green structure is already under pressure due to the various developments in the city and the growing need to use green spaces for sports, recreation and nature, among others. Gordon: It is urgently necessary to paint a picture of Umstelveen as a green and livable city for people and animals and to value green spaces as well as water for its great value. There is a lot of potential and protecting green spaces should come naturally. In recent years, the municipality has already made great efforts to make the city greener, including by the residents themselves.

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Participation at an early stage. Green Vision is not a design for the planning of public spaces, but rather provides frameworks for the conservation, management and development of green spaces and water. Perhaps, for example, other green spaces in the neighborhoods, or more natural river banks. Participation is an important part of her writing in order to achieve support for the Green Vision. Residents, environmental partners and city council are involved at an early stage.

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