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VideoA convoy of more than 2,000 migrants has left southern Mexico for the United States. According to Ireneo Mujica of the NGO Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the caravan of migrants consists mainly of Central Americans.

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The convoy managed to leave despite the presence of security forces from the Mexican Immigration Service and the National Guard. The procession initially set its course for Mexico City, but some attempt to reach the United States.

US Customs and Border Protection reported last week that 192,000 immigrants were caught trying to enter the United States illegally from Mexico in September.

An immigrant in Álvaro Obregón © AP

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Under former US President Donald Trump, the US introduced a “stay in Mexico” rule. As a result, the asylum seekers had to remain in Mexico for the duration of their procedure. Incumbent President Joe Biden rescinded the rule shortly after taking office, but a Texas federal judge overruled that decision. Despite this, the number of people trying to reach the United States has increased since Biden took office.

More and more people are leaving Central America due to the poverty prevailing there. They hope to travel through Mexico to the United States, where they are trying to build a better future.

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