A new love for Floortje Dessing | Entertainment

On an issue Pepian How her love life goes, he answers Floretti: “Now I see someone enjoying their company, but it’s still very early. Last year I was in the Netherlands for the first time in twenty years or so for a very long time.”

“It made me anxious at first, then I dealt with it later. And in that calm,” she adds State of mind This man entered my life. ”She will not give up on her new love.

A party every day

Pepian and Florgi met 25 years ago when they were in Les-du-Alpes, France. Floortje was there to record a program and took ice lessons from Bibian. They have been friends ever since. In the same interview, Bebian – who was told that she was treated after metastases in her brain was discovered – said that recently she “wants to have a party every day”.

Bebian recently announced via video link at a conference that she feels fine under the circumstances. She said, “Today I have a great day, heavy painkillers give my body a boost. I am grateful that I have so many wonderful people around me helping me, as well as my family. Our friends take turns and so there is someone with us almost every day. We have very nice conversations and we said everything we wanted to each other.” Some. Every day is a gift. I certainly can’t complain. “

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