A new season about Holland with Johnny and Andre

Jonny van der Heyden and Andre van Duyn have created a new season of Thinking of Holland. This time they go to port for routes near Leiden, Zeeland, Amsterdam and Groningen. You can watch the new season of Thinking of Holland starting today, Thursday 4 August at 9.25pm ​​on MAX on NPO1.

The new season focuses on Holland

After a winter cruise on the Frisian lakes, the sunshine is high. Janny van der Heijden and Andre van Duin are ready to discover new places. Janani is a tour guide and has mapped beautiful trails. This season, Johnny and Andre will sail to Leiden, Zeeland, Amsterdam and Groningen. The ship dog Nhaan keeps an eye on things.

Lead the way

The new season of Thinking of Holland begins in Leiden. From there the boat journey starts Johnny van der Heyden And in Andre van Duyn’s Hortus Botanicus, where the first tulip was once planted. They found the center of Leiden in a sloop. Along the way, the two pass Abdullah’s fish cart, a special barrel organ, and countless challenging bridges. And at De Grachtwacht, Janni and Andre stop for a moment. In this bridge keeper’s house, biologists Auke-Florian and Liselotte coordinate the fight against plastic in the Leiden canals.

Then Janney and Andrei switch to their trusty boat: the Pollux. They make their way to Kagerplassen, where they enjoy a cruise among sailboats and windmills. At the edge of Kagerplassen is the so-called Jeneverboom, where they roast in a beautiful canal. The trip ends in Katwijk aan Zee, where Johnny and Andre – on the beach – look back on a successful trip.


Johnny van der Heyden and Andre Van Duyn Immerse yourself in Zeeland during this trip. Middleburg is the starting point, with its imposing medieval town hall and tall abbey tower. After a short chocolate tasting at an authentic chocolate shop, Johnny and Andre set off by boat to traditional Arnhemuiden, known for its clocks and traditional costumes. Along the way, The Queen of the Poplars visits the two; Margot. She can actually tell you about candy. At Wire Harbor they end the day in style with a cold Zeeland beer and a bowl of brownies.

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The next morning, Janni and Andre cross the clear Weirs Meer and run in search of Zeeland’s Big Five: flamingos, fallow deer, sea eagles, seals and porpoises. Of course, Janny van der Heijden and Andre van Duin can’t leave Zeeland without tasting oysters. In Yerseke, the eight-time champion of oyster stings shows how to open and eat them. The Zeeland adventure ends with a delicious white wine in the harbor of Yerseke.


Thinking of Holland is a unique episode because it’s Andre (who knows each other from Heil Holland Buck) who draws the path, not Johnny. After all, we are in ‘his’ Amsterdam. The starting point of the tour is the Amstel, after which the river bears its name. Pollux passes the Théâtre Carre along the Amstel and passes the bronze statue of Andre. At the waterloopline, Janney and Andre stop to rummage through the trinkets in search of a teapot. Back on the ship they sail towards Durkerdam. There they end the day of adventure with an Amsterdam snack board, a beer and a good conversation in the harbour.

The next morning Andre travels to the Marken Peninsula, where a male choir sings to them from a cave. In Volendam, both are initially expected at the eel smokehouse, where they can see and taste the world’s tastiest eel. Andre van Duyn admits he has one big wish: Johnny van der Heyden in a Volunthammer costume in the picture. Back at the port they meet Keys Dole and the day ends, enjoying the view and a pan of stewed eel.

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The season couldn’t have ended better; Surrounded by nature in quiet and relaxing Groningen. Janny van der Heijden and Andre van Duin’s journey begins in the nostalgic village of Cornwert. On the way to the ferry, a song is heard from a church that turns out to be the Groningen national anthem. After a short visit, Janni and Andre – with a delicious breakfast – finally board and sail on one of the most beautiful waterways in Groningen: the Retieb. The Prawn Queen waits for Johnny and Andre at the harbor of the fishing village of Zoutkamp. She takes them to Dirk, the shrimp fisherman, for a short tutorial on peeling shrimp. After that, Janney gives Andre a nice surprise: she has rented Solex, and with them they go to Hauwersijl to visit the beautiful tea museum. There, the day ends with a cup of tea in a beautiful tea garden.

The next morning Janney and Andre leave early because the handsome Lauversmeer is on the show. Forest guard Jaap guides them through the area for a while. The boat trip ends at Wadden with a spirited training session by KNRM. The season ends at Lavershoek Harbor, where Johnny and Andre look back.

Fetal stroke

As with previous seasons of Thinking of Holland, Johnny van der Heyden has his own web series this season: Janis Strecken. This summer, Johnny van der Heyden leaves Andre van Duyn on a boat in Holland and heads ashore to look for food! In his own online video series, Janny’s Streken, Janny meets special people who produce, produce or grow various regional products. The products are unique, innovative, original, sometimes forgotten or unknown and always: delicious. Janny’s Streken can be found on Thinking of Holland’s broadcast days on the Facebook page of Omroep MAX, MAXVandaag.nl and NPO Start.

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Thinking of visiting Holland

Thinking about Holland can be seen on NPO1 on MAX for four weeks from Thursday 4 August. The episode starts before 9.30 am. You can of course also watch episodes of Thinking of Holland on NPO Start and NPO Plus. Here you can watch four more seasons. From the Netherlands it is very easy. If you want to watch Thinking of Holland via NPO Start from Belgium, you can do it together on the website. VPN connection. You can also enjoy this great pairing by keeping it in the Netherlands.

Photo: Andre van Duin and Janny van der Heijden | © Elvin Boyer/Max

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