A New Season Gelderland Farmer Looking For A Wife (And These Are The Three Locals Before Him) | Muse and Wall

Who exactly is the farmer, keeping the program a secret for a while. On .’s website A farmer looking for a wife There are photos of the participants of the new season, but they are not known to the general public. At least one woman participates.

Tomorrow, Sunday, August 29, from 8.25pm ​​at NPO 1, farmers will introduce themselves in a special broadcast. From that moment on, viewers who want to go on a date with them can also send messages. The new season will really start on Sunday, October 17th.

It’s definitely not the first time a farmer from the area has participated A farmer looking for a wife. Three familiar faces from the past in a row.

1. Gert Farms of Auvelt
There’s a good chance a lot of people will remember Geert Morin from Oyvelt. His quest, and four other cultivators, for true love attracted more than three million viewers about a year and a half ago. Thirteen episodes again. From his former comfort, nothing remains, he said to Gelderlander. “Unbelievable, they know you everywhere. In Noordwijkerhout, on the other side of the country, where I was at my other job. I always wave back when they greet me, even though I don’t know them.”

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