A Norwegian football club turns its shirt into a QR code to raise awareness of human rights in Qatar | foreign football

Norwegian football club Tromsø IL had a cool jersey made with a QR code on it. Whoever scans the code on Tromso’s third shirt with a phone is taken to a web page containing information about the human rights situation in Qatar.

Tromsø, ranked 12th in the highest category in Norway, wants to draw attention to human rights abuses in the country organizing next year’s World Cup. “We cannot pretend that football and politics have nothing to do with each other, and we should never look the other way when some use our beautiful game to overcome human rights abuses,” Tromso’s website says. “We can change this together.”

The Norwegian club Qatar and the International Football Association FIFA are calling to stop the so-called “sport washing”, which is the use of major sports leagues to enhance the reputation of a country or organization. “Stop washing your gym clothes. Keep sports clean. “

Northern European countries have often spoken out against the World Cup in Qatar in recent years, mainly due to the controversial situation of guest workers working in stadiums there. Norway takes the lead in the protests. The national team campaigned in various international matches.

Tromsø had called earlier this year for the Norwegian Football Association to boycott the World Cup. Last summer, the association held an online conference on the topic. The majority of Norwegian football delegates voted against the boycott at the time. Norway ultimately failed to qualify for next year’s World Cup. The team of striker Erling Haaland finished third in the group behind the Dutch national team and Turkey.

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