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Could be a revolution in space travel: Using nuclear powered engines could cut travel time to Mars in half. The collaboration between Rolls Royce and the British Space Agency should make this possible.

Nuclear powered motors could take astronauts to Mars in three to four months. That’s twice as fast as is now possible with the most powerful chemical engines. In this way, humans will be able to penetrate deeper into the universe in the coming decades.

Dr Graham Turnock, President of the United Kingdom Void The agency says that the use of nuclear energy in space is “a game-changer that will enable us to carry out space missions in the future that will take us to Mars and beyond.”

“This study helps us better understand the exciting potential of space travel using nuclear energy and whether this new technology can help us travel faster and farther through space than ever before,” Turnock said.

The UK government hopes that nuclear technology can transform space travel by providing spacecraft with adequate energy if they travel far from the sun and are not able to take advantage of solar energy.

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