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Peruvian authorities found an ancient mummy in a messenger bag. This was reported by the Peruvian news agency ANDINA. The agents found out when they approached a man who was acting drunk with his friends at an archaeological site in Puno, a city in the south of the country.

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Officers searched the man’s cooler bag and found an ancient mummy inside. The courier told them that he had kept the mummy in his room at his parents’ house, in a box by the TV. According to him, the remains had been in his family’s possession for years, but now he had put them in his bag for his friends to see.

According to the man, “Juanita,” as he calls the mummy, once belonged to his father. Yet he considers her to be a “kind of soulmate.”


Actually a man

According to experts, the mummy is between 600 and 800 years old and is actually a man over 45 and 1.51 meters tall. The mummy was confiscated by the police and handed over to Peru’s Ministry of Culture, which oversees cultural heritage.

The courier and his two friends, ages 23 and 26, have been arrested and are on trial for possible crimes against Peruvian cultural heritage.

Many pre-Columbian cultures practiced mummification. Some mummies were buried, while some were taken out and displayed during important festivals.

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