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The vanished plane may have crashed off the Indonesian coast after colliding with sea water. On Monday, local authorities say based on how the debris found so far has spread. “For example, if the plane had exploded in the air, the debris would have been more dispersed.” The plane, carrying 62 passengers, disappeared from radar on Saturday, about four minutes after takeoff.

It is not yet known what happened to Sriwijaya Flight SJ182. On Sunday, authorities found the black boxes of a crashed Boeing 737-500 plane after body parts and personal belongings were discovered at sea earlier that day. Also found were pieces of an inflatable slide, cables and a piece of jeans.

The plane took off on Saturday at 1.40pm local time (7.40am Dutch time) from Jakarta in the direction of Pontianak, an Indonesian city about 700 km away. The journey should take about 1.5 hours.

However, four minutes after departure, the plane disappeared from the radar. The last contact with the crew was only 20 kilometers from the airport, when the plane was flying over the sea.

Location Flight radar It was reported that the plane lost more than 3,300 meters of altitude in less than a minute. It remains unclear exactly what happened.

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