A politician goes to the hospital with contractions, and an hour later his daughter is | Abroad

Ginter shared her story on social media, including photos showing the 10-minute drive to the hospital, her arrival in the parking lot, and the birth of her daughter just an hour later, at 3:04 a.m.

Ginter claims she had no intention of cycling to the hospital, but “it happened.”

She writes, “My contractions weren’t too bad when we left the hospital at 2 a.m.—although they were always two to three minutes apart, and increased in intensity by the time we arrived.” “I was laughing in the parking lot after one of the contractions.”

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She describes on Facebook and Instagram that they had a “happy and healthy little boy” who “sleep just like her father” at the time. MP Ginter shares adorable photos and thanks the doctors for this wonderful moment.

second delivery

The heroic journey of the green politician is not entirely new. Also in 2018, I cycled to the hospital to give birth. “My partner and I went cycling because there was not enough room in the car for people who wanted to help me,” she wrote at the time.

Even then, as she puts it, cycling was ‘born out of necessity’ for the politician who had repeatedly called for the promotion of cycling as an important form of transportation in the city.

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