A rift erupted in New Zealand over New Year’s Eve fireworks

The fact that opinions differ is clearly reflected in the statistics. Half people think we should say goodbye to this tradition soon. “It’s good for the environment.” Pet health is something that many of our followers care about. “My dogs no longer dare to go outside and do their business inside out of fear.”

In addition, it is argued that many accidents occur each year. For example, someone says: “I think it’s beautiful to look at, but it causes a lot of trouble and injury.” Another says, “They are no longer safe crackers. They are complete bombs.”

Only once a year

Yet there are those who consider it a great loss if the New Year fireworks do not explode. “Why destroy a tradition? It belongs to the Netherlands. We are very special at this. It is a great shame that this tradition is being destroyed,” one writes. Also: “Fireworks exploding after 6pm is always fun!” And according to some, that time was also negotiated: “If it were only at 00.00, the harassment would be less.”

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. “We only do this one day a year. And CO2 emissions … we fly into space for fun … the last day of the year should be covered with beautiful fireworks! It’s beautiful!”

Fireworks display on behalf of the municipality

There are also those who actively contribute ideas on how to interpret the old and the new differently. “It’s a tradition that can be so beautiful, we just have to ban the exploding of fireworks.” Another follower puts forward a different solution: “It would be nice if a fireworks show was organized by the municipality. It’s pleasant and accidents are minimal.”

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