A romantic brotherhood blossoms between the obsessive Macron and Sunak

France and the United Kingdom have always been rivals, and that is sometimes healthy, but in recent years – especially since Brexit – the acidity in relations between London and Paris has risen to worrying levels. President Emmanuel Macron will receive British President Rishi Chung on Friday to conclude the term. Countries don’t want it anymore fanatics There are, but work towards something real A brotherhood of love.

France and the UK have been embroiled in neighborly spats in recent years over fishing rights, exports of British sausages, submarines and immigration. Leaders threw mud at each other in front of the world. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hit back when Paris was surprised by the creation of Aukus, a new defense deal between the US, UK and Australia in 2021, missing out on a multi-billion euro arms deal with Australia.Donnez moi un breakto the French resistance. Former Prime Minister Liz Truss was unable to answer a question about whether Macron was “friend or foe”.

With Prime Minister Sunak’s visit in October, relations have improved. The characteristics of the two politicians may also help: 45 (Macron) and 42 (Chunak), they are both relatively young leaders who have worked in the banking world and previously served as finance minister. Both allowed commercial and hardline political interests to prevail over personal preferences.

Ukraine and migration

The British and French are very worried about the world, especially about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and migration. Those themes will be a priority on Friday.

More and more migrants are trying to cross to the UK from the French side of the Channel – a total of 46,000 last year. The British have long believed the French were doing too little to stop the migrants, but the two countries began to appear more cooperative in November. The French promised to do more to stop the migrants. France doubled the number of government workers in coastal immigration control to 800. The British in turn increased their financial contribution to the French effort.

The two leaders could reach new agreements to further curb illegal migration across the Channel. It is also possible that Chung wants French support for his controversial plan to deport boat migrants to another country, including Rwanda, and legislate that they can never obtain British citizenship.

Marine Patrol

The French also have a wish list. For example, Paris wanted to cooperate more closely with the British militarily. Paris wants to build fighter jets with London and work together on Ukraine document. The French also want Ukrainian soldiers to be trained by the British and to carry out maritime patrols in the Pacific Ocean.

Countries do not expect all contractions to be lifted immediately on Friday, but expect them to begin. According to Elysee, the ‘priority’ lies in ‘resuming joint working arrangements’.

Even if the leaders disagree on Friday, new opportunities will emerge to improve relations in the short term. British King Charles will visit France in two weeks. There he will be received by Macron who has arranged a state dinner at the Palace of Versailles.

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