A second dose of vaccine is recommended after a positive Covit-19 test

The Ministry of Health in Suriname announced on Tuesday that it would offer a second dose of vaccine to those who have received one vaccine instead of two in recent months after a positive COVID-19 test.

Research shows that 1 dose of vaccine provides adequate protection within 6 months after Govit-19 infection. As is the case in many countries, those who test positive for Govt-19 are advised to give 1 dose 4 weeks to 6 months in advance. This especially gives the uncertainty of vaccine dosages available to our people.

Scientific research now shows that extra dose is important to provide better protection. Now the people of Suriname have enough vaccines. That is why this group in Suriname is being given an extra dose on the advice of NITTAG (Subcommittee of the Technical Advisory Committee on National Immunization Policy COVID-19). And because the second dose is now necessary to go to different countries.

The second dose is the same vaccine as the first dose. If the patient is not pregnant. If so, a dose of Moderna or Pfizer will be given. For the second dose, you can go to POC, Zorghotel or a nearby place where you will be given the appropriate vaccine that day.

You can check the latter in the weekly calendar, which you can find on the Ministry of Health website or Facebook page. No pre-registration required.

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