A sparkling new series tops the Netflix Top 10 list

Netflix series Inventing Anna has done well enough to take the top ten in the US.

In the US, series is having a hard time dominating Netflix. At the very least, he held the number one spot in the top ten. This week, there’s another new number one at the top of the list.

Series Anna’s creation tops this week. The show premiered on the streaming service last Friday and two days later it has already become the most popular series on Netflix.

Anna’s creation On the top
Here in the Netherlands it was still sweet magnolia Which topped the Netflix top list last weekend. But in the US, it’s a completely different series that is recording massive results.

Series Anna’s creation Not just strive there sweet magnolia Finished, but also the TV series love is blind

Anna’s creation Stars Julia Garner, who most fans know from the beloved thriller series Ozark† Both series are in the top ten at the same time.

Series Anna’s creation Focuses on a journalist who delves into the story of Anna Delphi, a woman who convinced the New York elite that she was a German heiress. Anna’s creation See you now on Netflix.

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