A special image of White Spain from space

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On Thursday, the Spanish capital indicated that it is applying to officially declare a disaster area. Most of the country had to deal with a thick layer of snow in the past week due to a storm Filomena and a passing cold front. The ESA image clearly shows that more than half of the country is covered in a thick layer of snow.

Satellite images of Spain

On Tuesday, the European Space Agency managed to capture a picture of Spain from the Sentinel-3 satellite that clearly shows that approx Half From the earth completely white. Earlier, news showed that central and northeastern Spain mainly suffered from heavy snowfall and this is well reflected in the satellite images.

Southern Spain escapes with snow but not extreme weather

Much of Andalusia, Extremadura, and the Mediterranean coast have escaped snow, but have seen large amounts of rain, like the Malaga region. In this region people died even from the storm. On the mountain peaks in the region and in the interior, snow dominated on Sunday and Monday. However, this did not remain the same as elsewhere in Spain.

Madrid asks to declare a disaster zone

Madrid remains one of the regions worst affected by Felomena. Many streets are still impassable due to heavy snowfall. According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, on Thursday, the municipality of Madrid submitted a request to declare the Spanish capital an official disaster zone. According to Mayor Martinez Almeida, damages in Madrid amount to “approximately 1.4 billion euros”.

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