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The match was a replica of the previous tournament’s final and won the World Championship. Then, on August 5, 2018, the Dutch national team made mincemeat from Ireland. In a spectacular hockey show in London, the Orange team won 6-0, the biggest result ever in a World Cup Final.

The defending champion could have sold the Irish a good hit in two minutes, but the usually accurate Phyllis Albers fired hard from a promising position and in front of 9,500 spectators. The same Albers did well for the opening goal during last summer’s Olympic gold hunt against Ireland, in the 4-0 group match.

Lots of chances for the Netherlands, from the first quarter

Lots of chances for the Netherlands, from the first quarter


By the way, the Irish zero in that game was perfect. The green machine He failed to score in the last seven alternating matches against Orange. The Netherlands have won 29 consecutive matches against Ireland, who last beat the Great Executioner in 1963.

Mulders had plenty of chances in the first quarter. Frédérique pushed Matla head-on with Ayeisha McFerran wide and Albers just missed the stick in front of a sharp cross with a backhand from Lidewij Welten. Lost three corner kicks. On the flip side, Sarah Hoxah shot just wide of Anne Veenendaal’s goal.

The new carpet at Wagener Stadium often played tricks on players

The new carpet at Wagener Stadium often played tricks on players

Attractive Jansen

However, the guests were standing in front of a wall and two minutes later in the second quarter, a lid on his super defensive playing style was put on his back. Goalgetter Matla quietly used a penalty ball, which was awarded because McFerran crushed Orange player Maria Vershor.

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The picturesque way Yibbi Jansen launched her Vershore teammate was a feast for the eyes. The 22-year-old SCHC player makes her debut at a major tournament, having thanked Orange in 2020 and thus automatically missed the Olympics.

drink mat

It was also astonishing how many times the ball was “stolen” in the blue court at Wagner Stadium. The rug has only been in place for a few weeks and hasn’t been played with. The tough synthetic fibers often played tricks on the players. Also in penalty kicks, of which the orange left seven unused in the first half alone.

In the latter, which is not well noted and is often also a sign of a sticky (or very dry) field, Eva de Goede was close to 2-0 from the rebound. The 33-year-old veteran, who only cut her first minutes in a Pro League match with China last week since injuring her cruciate ligament in November, has made a much better impression than she did on her comeback. This is great news for Pope Mölders and of course Jude himself. The HGC player was saved in the fourth quarter.

During the warm-up period, the players wore the special black training jacket

During the warm-up period, the players wore the special black training jacket

rare hit

The two-time world’s best player began the attack with a calculated pass “outside the loop”, with the home team taking the eighth penalty kick in the third quarter. It was silver-plated by Janssen, who jumped a hole in the air after her first World Cup goal.

The joy of the double lead did not last long, when the Irish were in fact allowed to score their first penalty and also use it with the substitute: 2-1 via Roisin Upton. It was Ireland’s first goal against Orange in seventeen years.

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First Plönissen

The Irish revival was also the last upset to form the Sean Dancer. The Netherlands increased its pace, creating more space in Irish positions and receiving wages for work. Matla, again from the penalty spot, Sabine Plonesen, her first in service for Orange, and Maria Vershor confirmed the fight was decided early in the fourth quarter (5-1).

And the orange will meet with the German national team, the genetic enemy, in the second group match tomorrow, which Chile beat 4-1 earlier today. With the Netherlands’ victory over its eastern neighbours, the Netherlands could hardly miss the group’s victory.

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