A surprise from Princess Beatrix’s petting zoo school Het Molentje

by Bart Junker

Hemsted – A delegation from Princess Beatrix School was pleasantly surprised by Het Mollingy’s pet zoo last Thursday, November 4th. The delegation, made up of a few primary school students, education supporter Myrthe Heems and Parents Committee member Marie-Ange van Westerhoven, managed to make Ingrid Schenk of the petting zoo happy with a check of no less than €772. The money was raised through bookstores at Princess Beatrix School during Children’s Book Week on October 13. “Each year, the Princess Beatrix School selects a different charitable organization to which proceeds from the book sale go,” Myrthe Heems explains. “For example, we previously made the Opkikker and Children’s Food Bank happy to check our proceeds. This year we had the idea of ​​choosing a charity in Heimstede and so this petting zoo became Heat Mullingy.

Of course, Ingrid Schenk from the petting zoo is very happy: “The money will be given a beautiful destination, the renovated space ‘Kleine Vriendjes.’ Small pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, white mice, gerbils and rabbits live in this room. Children can see and pet these animals. But above all, this space is for educational purposes, because here you can learn how to properly care for such a small pet and what this animal needs. “You learn it here,” says Ingrid Schenk.

Little friends on your lap
The lovable and likable factor of these “little friends”, such as guinea pigs and rabbits, was allowed to be tested by the students themselves. Let the cute creatures caress on your lap. I love children, creatures and everything. Anyway, little friends have already been made!

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Photo above: Left to right: Ingrid Schenk, Marie-Ange van Westerhoven, some students and Myrthe Heems proudly display the €772 check to the petting zoo.

Photo below: “Little friends” found each other.

Photos: Bart Juncker.

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