A suspicious corruption scandal in the European Parliament admits bribery

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The Belgian newspaper reported that one of the suspects in a possible bribery scandal in the European Parliament has pleaded guilty. le bracelet and the Italian newspaper La Republica. It is about the partner and political assistant of the Greek Eva Kaili, deputy speaker of parliament. He was going to admit that he participated in bribery by Qatar as well as Morocco, a country that has not yet been linked to the case.

Francesco Giorgi was one of six suspects They were arrested last week into corruption investigations, which have been ongoing since July. The aim of bribery is to influence decision-making in Parliament in a positive direction for Qatar. It was last weekend hundreds of thousands of euros Found in search. Qatar has previously denied all allegations.

Giorgi says he managed the money in the organization. According to him, the spider on the web is the former Italian deputy Antonio Panzieri, head of the human rights organization “Fighting Impunity”. Giorgi has been his longtime collaborator. Earlier, the Financial Times wrote that Banzi went on a vacation paid for by Qatar with his wife and daughter, worth 100 thousand euros.

Giorgi also says he suspects two MEPs of taking bribes.

Documents in the possession of the newspapers will show that Panziri, Cozzolino and Jorge were in contact with the Moroccan intelligence service, DGED, and with Abderrahim Atmoun, Morocco’s ambassador to Poland.


The European Parliament will vote on whether Qataris can travel to EU countries without a visa. Kylie pressured to get it done. She also defended the human rights situation in Qatar. For example, in a speech she gave last month she said the Gulf state is at the forefront of workers’ rights and criticized people who criticize Qatar.

She was also remarkably positive about the situation in Qatar on Twitter:

Kylie did not appear in court yesterday to extend her detention. I asked for a delay. She is now due to appear on December 22nd.

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