A trans student in the US is not at the graduation party after being asked to dress as a boy

The ACLU appealed on behalf of the 17-year-old student and her parents, but a judge ruled in favor of the school board at the last minute. A spokesperson for the organization calls this statement “as disappointing as it is funny”.

White dress

The girl graduated from Harrison Central High School in Gulfport, a town with a population of more than 72,000. Boys are required to attend the graduation ceremony in white shirts and black pants, while girls are expected to wear a white dress.

On previous occasions, a female student would have worn a dress during her school days. But now, according to the decision of the management, she had to appear in “trousers, stockings and shoes, like a boy.” The ACLU stated in court that it was unacceptable that she was still discriminated against during her graduation ceremony.

“Our client is being shamed and humiliated on discriminatory grounds,” said a spokesperson for the human rights organisation. “Her family is denied a unique opportunity to experience this milestone in their daughter’s life. No one should pass up an opportunity to graduate because of their gender.”

More and more restrictions

Trans teens in many US states suffer from restrictions imposed by conservative politicians. This video shows how tens of thousands of minors are no longer receiving the care they need during their transition:

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