A village garden thanks patients for donating thousands of euros as they say goodbye to their doctor

Doctor Ponton asked his clients to donate money to build a garden. Through this he raised approximately 8,000 euros, roughly half of the 13,000 euros needed to build a garden for the church. Yet he did not see himself as a savior. “Ultimately, I think the people have drawn the plan,” says the outgoing GP modestly. “But I think it’s wonderful that I was given the opportunity to leave something that will last when I say goodbye.”

Ponton and his family moved out of the village in 1998. Since then, he has lived in Middleburg. Yet he has a fondness for the village. “I got married in this church, our two sons were born in this village, and such important things happened here for our family,” he sums up. “I was able to do that village training here all my working life, and I wanted to do something for the village.”

The idea for the village garden originally came from Elaine van Morik. “I’ve always been busy with designs and gardens, and the lights come on automatically when you come here every day,” says van Maurik. The latter was no longer entirely true, and the Van Maurick family also left the village in the meantime. He has lived in Middleburg for a year and a half. “But I’ve lived here for twenty years and I still feel connected to the village, I still go to church here. I still feel like I give back to society,” he explains.

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