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The authorities of the Canary island of La Palma are warning of a volcanic eruption in the coming weeks. Experts point out that magma flows under the Earth’s surface. More than 4,000 tremors have been recorded in recent days, and they are getting closer and closer to the Earth’s surface.

Hikers love La Palma for its volcanoes, enchanting waterfalls, and beautiful beaches. The researchers now report that seismic activity there has increased sharply in the past six days. More than 4,200 vibrations were measured. According to experts, this indicates the possibility of a volcanic eruption in the coming days or weeks.

“We cannot make short-term forecasts,” said Maria José Blanco, director of the National Geographic Institute in the Canary Islands. “But all indications are that the larger, more intense earthquakes are on the way, which will be felt by residents.”

Vibrations approach the Earth’s surface. The first was seen at a depth of 20 kilometers, and in the meantime ranges from five to eight kilometers. In some places, the ground rose by six centimeters.

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emergency plan

There is now a contingency plan for municipalities around the volcano in the Cumbre Vieja region in the southeast of the island, including Fuencaliente, Los Llanos de Aridan, El Paso and Mazo. The plan states that people in the area should have a bag ready in case of evacuation.

The island is known as the greenest of the Canary Islands. Green valleys, mountain landscapes, waterfalls and the sea attract many tourists to La Palma. The last eruption of the La Palma volcano occurred fifty years ago. Tenguiá released lava for three weeks in October. Four years ago, earthquakes were observed again.


The findings of the Spanish scientists are reminiscent of those of their Icelandic colleagues in March of this year. over there Vagradalsvial volcano erupted After more than 50,000 earthquakes were recorded in the previous weeks. So experts have already predicted an eruption, suspecting that it will be accompanied by lava fountains tens of meters high.

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