A week after the floods in Belgium, the victim is still found | abroad

Mayor Axel Texon reports that the damage following the floods in Dinant is significant. There were no reports of injuries. Four people had to leave their homes and find shelter elsewhere. Roads were destroyed and vehicles were swept away by water currents. Water also entered several homes. “It was short but very violent,” Texon said. Emergency services were called to remove debris and car wrecks.

Several roads in the province of Namur were flooded. The fire service has been busy with reports of flooding from across the county. In the regional capital of Namur, a wall collapsed due to a small landslide, and a care center was evacuated elsewhere in the city. Mayor Maxime Prévo told Belgian media that the situation in Namur was “worse” than during the storm last week.

Bad weather moved over Belgium from Antwerp and Flemish Brabant and separated over Wallonia around 8 pm. Later in the evening, areas hit hard by last week’s flooding had to deal with new storms. There have been major mudslides in parts of Wallon Brabant, emergency services report. Chaumont-Gistoux, Walhain, and Wavre in particular had to deal with heavy rainfall. On some of the streets of Walhuin the mud reached a height of five feet. Firefighters tried to remove the mud.

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