A week full of company numbers and macro data

Sunday October 17, 2021 2:47 pm

Investors are in for a busy week, with a calendar full of company numbers and a fairly complete macro agenda.

“Earnings season has started in full force,” said Thomas Meijer, director of investment solutions at InsingerGilissen.

The number of companies that come up with big numbers, too. Monday will start off quietly with only Philips on the agenda, but on Tuesday it will be CM.com, Neways and Nedap.

Wednesday will be busier, with ASML and AkzoNobel among others, but also with smaller funds WDP and Marel.

The crowds will continue on Thursday with Randstad, RELX, Unilever, Intertrust and Sligro.

The week will close quietly on Friday with only Holland Colors and Wereldhave on a roll.

It also promises to be a busy week internationally. The well-known names on Tuesdays are, for example, Danone, Manpower and Netflix. Nestlé, Deliveroo, PPG, IBM and Tesla will follow midweek.

On Thursday, all eyes are on Carrefour, Intel and Snap. On Friday, only American Express and Honeywell are up and running.

In macroeconomic terms, the agenda is reasonably full, but not overflowing.

Monday is a day full of Chinese macroeconomic data, and in the afternoon industrial production and homebuilder confidence are on the agenda in the US. There is also the US housing figure on Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday there will be inflation data from the Eurozone and the UK.

For the UK, analysts expect inflation to drop slightly to 3.0 per cent from the 3.2 per cent level in the previous month. The consensus in the eurozone is that inflation will remain stable at 3.4 percent, according to Meijer van InsingerGilissen.

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US weekly oil inventories will also receive attention.

Consumer confidence was recorded in the Netherlands and Belgium on Thursday. US weekly support orders will also be closely watched, as will the Philadelphia Fed and Leading Indicators.

Friday was mainly dedicated to sentiment among purchasing managers around the world.

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