A woman breaks the world record and collects 30 thousand euros

Britain’s Kate Jayden broke the previous world record by six days.

Kate Jayden from Derbyshire has started her impressive running adventure January 1 It has been running 42.195 km every day since then for a total of 4262.2 km. The 35-year-old runner’s original plan was to run 2,650 miles, or 4,216 km, the distance between Cities of Aleppo in Syria and Dover in the United Kingdom To create awareness about the refugee crisis and what refugees have to endure every day. When I realized it The distance was equal I ran 100 marathons in 100 days and rose to the challenge.

With her initiative to walk collected more than €30,000 For organizations working for refugees. “I am overwhelmed by the support I have received,” she said after finishing her 100th marathon in Brighton on Sunday. “I am very emotional about the crazy amount that I have been able to collect. The thought of being able to contribute to charity through my actions made me strong and it was the reason why I can continue† That’s what he was all about.”

Through her work, she also immediately improved the previous record in the Guinness Book of Records Most consecutive marathons† With 101 marathons (added another for the honor), she broke the previous record of American Alyssa Clark, who ran 95 marathons in 95 days last November.

While most people take a long break after such performances, this is not the case with Jayden. After barely a week of rest, she will start training for a triple decathlon in July. On the list: 38 km swim, 1802 km bike, 421 km walk …

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