A wonderful out-of-the-box home for Kiki and Sjors from De Perfecte Verbouwing

Running your growing company from the bedroom isn’t what Kiki had in mind and Sjors also wants to grow. They thought the staff who go to the toilet in the bathroom really needs to be more professional.

The opportunities lay in the large shed next to the house. But getting them home was a challenge. Desire: It really shouldn’t be a standard “flat stretch”. Therefore a straight extension with a skylight is not an option. Luckily, architects Gimill Mual and Laurien Keller couldn’t wait to come up with their perfect solution.

If this is not unique…

Gmail started by designing it. It instantly removes a number of walls and completely breaks up the space. “Because I removed the wall between the kitchen and the living room, a large kitchen diner was created at the heart of the new home,” he explains to Kiki and Sjors.

It was well received: “Very nice, because we really lost touch with the kitchen and dining table,” Sjors replied enthusiastically.

He also started to work with the shed and established a very nice connection to the garden from the storeroom. Gemmell: “I extended the extension to the neighbors and made this room completely closed off from the kitchen with the help of a large sliding door.”

In addition, he designed the shapes of the trusses towards the garden especially for them. “The wood construction is tailor-made for Sjors, because you’re on hand. But the shape is based on Kiki’s. I let Kiki’s K go a little way back in the shape of the facade and in the roof.”

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“This shape is really cool! So unique and almost our motto. Wow!” Kiki exclaims instantly. “I can’t wait to get started with it,” Sjors adds radioactively.

Finally, he really closed off the work from home area with a very nice cloister. What a design!

on a different track

Engineer Lorient has yet to be blown up. With great pleasure, she also reveals her visions around the house and warehouse with the couple.

in no time You see the walls disappear and there is room for the kitchen. With a giant frontage to the garden, they also create a very nice connection with the outside and they get a lot of daylight.

Lorient: “The living room felt cramped. By involving the hall, you will feel the space much more. The hall is very beautiful and therefore also visible. In this way, the house becomes completely yours.”

“I think the sight lines are really cool in this design. You immediately have a great view of the garden,” is Kiki’s enthusiastic response.

studio you say

The warehouse was also handled by Laurie. With a Sjors workshop, patio in the middle, lots of glass, round doors and more than enough workspace.

Sjors: “It’s great to break open like this, our garden is getting wider with the yard.” Kiki continues: “For me, this design really has it Wow factor. It suits us and our lives perfectly. I can see myself entering here.”

What now?

With two brilliant plans in their pocket, the two returned home to show them to friends, family, and their staff.

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Keke: “Go home, show everyone the plans and then the doubts start. What do we really want? Both architects listened very carefully to our wishes. It doesn’t make it easy.”

They would like to start as soon as possible and eventually pick Laurien’s plans, and then Sjors can move forward immediately.

To save costs, he will do the renovation largely in the coming months and Kiki will run the concept store and her jewelry company solely. It totally matters to both of them, but it’s all for a good reason.

Out of the box and inspiring

Sjors goes for it as if his life depended on it. And when the warehouse is already on its way, the two finally get approval from the municipality to renovate the house. They spend months under the rubble and sometimes have to help each other, but the result is really amazing.

Laurienne’s plans were implemented everywhere and even developed in certain places. “We’re very happy with the spaciousness you’ve created in the design, Laurien,” says Sjors. “We thought we’d have a tiny house, but that’s not the case at all.”

“That was the real idea behind designing the warehouse,” she replied excitedly. “By presenting sightlines very clearly, you create spaciousness.”

Lorient is really surprised by the result, also at home. “The spaces turned out well! And then that built-in wardrobe with a sliding door, lovely. It also feels really good. It’s such a luxurious living room. I also think it’s very smart how they complete the job.” “Keep live and work separate” really fulfilling. And for me as an architect, it’s so nice to see that they really embraced my design and executed it down to the last detail.”

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It is also unrealistic that this is all about us. It’s all very nice. I hardly dare to use the kitchen because I’m afraid I’m doing something wrong,” adds a very happy Sjors.

What about the budget?

Kiki and Sjors had a budget of €140,000 to complete this massive renovation. Of course it made a huge difference in costs as Sjors could do a lot more himself, but did they make it?

Kiki: “Not only did we save on construction costs, but we also made a lot of the furniture ourselves. The dining table costs more than 2,500 euros in the shop and we made it ourselves for 350 euros. Then of course it goes fast.”

Sjors: “I think we ended up spending €180,000. A lot of money, but we also managed to save more because the renovation took longer. It didn’t stress us out.”

So Laurien is quite a fan of what they’ve made and especially for this budget. “Hats off to them!”

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