A young wolf was killed in the Belgian town of Hestel near the Dutch border | the animals

A small wolf was killed Sunday morning on the highway near Hechtel in the Belgian province of Limburg. The village is located near the Dutch border.

The rambunctious wolf may be one of nine cubs born in that county this year. Whether this is indeed the case requires further research.

The Flemish Institute for Nature and Forest Research (INBO) is conducting research on the corpse. “This animal may already be exploring new horizons, but it is not yet used to traffic and has run over it,” INBO’s Koen Van Muylem tells the Belgian news site. HLN.

Van Muelm says he has genetic material from the cubs, so researchers can get a better view of the wolf. An autopsy will follow later this week.

This is not the first time a wolf has been injured in Belgium. In October 2020, a young female wolf was killed on the same road, the link between the North and the South. “Actually, we’re surprised it took so long before there was another collision with a coyote,” says Van Muelm.

Earlier this year, a coyote drowned in the Albert Canal in Hasselt, Belgium. Barely a month later, a truck driver narrowly avoided a wolf in Houthalen-Helchteren.

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