Aalsmeerder Daniel Giacone 19 in thwarted European Championship fencing

After two years without international titles, another European Fencing Championship will be held from June 17-22 in Antalya. Floretschermer Daniël did not have the perfect preparation for the European Championship. During a training period at the beginning of June, he injured his foot, but nevertheless traveled to the Turkish resort and entered the runner with duct tape.

In the group stage, Alsmerder lost one match and won in 6. Then he won the first elimination round against the Belgian Motiat 15-8. To make it into the top 16 fencers in Europe, Giakon had to compete against European Vice Champion Mepstead of the United Kingdom. The players were evenly matched and the exciting match continued until 11-11. Unfortunately, the Briton ran out and Giacon lost 12-15. With this, it ranked nineteenth. “ Looking at the preparation, I am satisfied, says Giacon, but of course I would have liked more. Fortunately my feet didn’t get hurt during the matches.

The 21-year-old Giacon won his 10th national title with SchermCentrum Amsterdam in the Dutch national championships in May and is number 36 in the world rankings after these European Championships. He is thus on his way to achieving his ultimate goal: to participate in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The biggest obstacle now is finances. “I have to pay for travel and accommodation myself for qualifying tournaments and there are no prize money. When I won a historic bronze medal at the World Cup in Belgrade in April, I only got a medal. In addition to my fencing career, I am studying HBO and with my busy schedule there is no Time for a side job. So I have no income. Soon the World Cup in Cairo. The plane ticket already costs 900 euros, which I collected through a crowdfunding campaign in Talentboek, for which I am very grateful. But I cannot cover all the costs of the qualification process until Paris 2024 Through crowdfunding and this is causing a lot of stress. That’s why I am looking for sponsors so that I can fully focus on my sport and my studies.

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On Tuesday 21 June, the Dutch men’s team will display with Giacon during the event for the national teams. More information about Daniel Giacon can be found at www.danielgiacon.nl.

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