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VIPA MICRO from Yaskawa has proven itself as a powerful micro-controller in a variety of applications, including machines for chain and private production or as a centralized or decentralized control in installation technology and building automation. The latest version is more flexible to use.

New Yaskawa VIPA MICRO Controller – More memory and two analog inputs for more applications.

In the latest release, main memory has been expanded to 128KB by default, eliminating the need for upgrades or retrofits to run larger projects. The memory is fully backup, so all data and states are preserved in the event of a power failure. In addition to the 30 integrated digital I/O, the device now has two analog inputs instead of one, which can be configured with 4 to 20 mA (current) or 0 to 10 volts (voltage). This gives it a wide range of possible uses as a standalone CPU.

Compact and fast

At 72mm wide, the basic version of the mini console is extremely compact and fast. Powerful SPEED7 technology ensures high touch speed and fast program operations such as positioning and control tasks. MICRO can be programmed using the free software SPEED7 Studio LITE and all full versions of SPEED7 Studio with Siemens SIMATIC Manager and TIA Portal. The back panel bus, which enables very fast 48Mbit/s response times, can support up to eight additional digital I/Os. This gives users up to 158 I/O channels for their automation tasks.

diversified capabilities

The connector plug on the mini console can be disconnected separately. Thanks to compression technology, it can be installed and replaced quickly and easily without tools. However, the spring terminals of the plugs not only simplify wiring, but are also resistant to vibrations, which means that screw connections do not need to be tightened, for example.
Because the input and output display LEDs are positioned directly on the corresponding plug contact, the user can easily and clearly set channel states despite the high channel density. The integrated web server also allows access to data, diagnostics and status interfaces via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. With one modification, the micro-controller supports standard Ethernet protocols such as Modbus TCP, S7 Communication, and Profinet. The VIPA Suite Card (VSC) allows you to enable additional functions, such as field bus connections, if necessary.

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I/O and SLIO . control system

In control cabinets or decentralized I/O hubs, the installation space is often narrow and the channel density required is high. With this in mind, Yaskawa is now introducing new modules (021-1BH00 and 022-1BH00) with 16 digital inputs or outputs for both I/O and the SLIO control system. The units have the same dimensions as previous versions with eight channels, saving 50% space in the system and allowing control cabinets or distribution boxes to be much smaller. The innovative design with the removable front connector makes wiring very easy, even with subsequent changes.

More space in the control cabinet

New SLIO I/O modules with 16 digital inputs or outputs each. They have the same dimensions as the previous variants and this saves half the space.

Easy to install and quick to replace

The 16 channel I/O modules have a modular architecture. They consist of removable sockets in the base unit. For quick replacement, the closed plug can be removed from the base unit using the swivel mechanism. The wires on the plug will remain in place during the process. Then the plug is simply attached to the replacement unit. You can also pull out the installed base unit and replace it if necessary. Press-in terminal technology allows wires to be wired with or without grommets.

For any automation task

Thanks to these characteristics, the highly compact and modular SLIO IO is now ideal for applications where the operating system has limited space. It is easy to integrate into a higher automation network and has the appropriate fieldbus interfaces for Profinet, Profibus, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, CANopen, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and MechatronicLink-III. The interface units are equipped with a power supply power unit. All necessary I/O modules can be added “one by one” to the powerful CPUs of a SLIO system, making it perfectly adaptable to any automation task. The backplane bus, which provides very fast 48Mbit/s response times, can support up to 64 electronic units. SLIO can be combined and used with any of our existing systems and systems from other manufacturers.

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